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Quartz powder making machine supplier2019-12-10

The quartz powder making machine of our company adopts advanced technology and brand-new technology processing, which makes its equipment have super wear resistance, and the internal structure design is very reasonable, which reduces the occupied area. Blower, analysis machine, piping device, etc. The main unit also includes grinding roller, grinding ring, blade, air inlet volute, frame, cover and other devices.

quartz powder making machine supplier


Quartzite mainly refers to low-temperature quartz in a widely distributed trigonal system. When the temperature is above 573 ° C, it becomes a hexagonal high-temperature quartz. Cryo-quartz crystals often appear as hexagonal pillars with spires. There are horizontal stripes on the cylinder surface, and there are differences between left-shaped crystals and right-shaped crystals. Twin crystals are very common, the most common ones are Dauphin twins and Brazilian twins.

Quartz stone is widely used in the market, and it is also used in various industries and markets. Quartz stone can be formed into quartz sand or quartz powder after processing. It can be processed by a variety of different ore processing equipment. The application of quartz stone will be more and more, which will allow more and more manufacturers of ore processing equipment in China to push the competition in the mining machinery industry to the peak. In order to improve the processing and utilization of quartz stone, people have continuously improved the technology of the equipment and introduced a variety of quartz stone processing equipment to achieve efficient and environmentally friendly processing of quartz stone.

Quartz powder is widely used in coatings and fillers in industrial production. Because quartz powder has good scattering and matting effects, and the density of ultrafine quartz powder is relatively low, whiteness is as high as 92 ~ 95, and the color is bright, so it will replace traditional glass microbeads in reflective paint in industrial applications. Among them, the anti-slip property has been greatly improved, and the reflective line is more than glass beads; ultra-fine quartz powder is also widely used in automotive primer coatings and special fillers.

In addition, quartz stone as an important raw material of ceramics can reduce the plasticity of ceramics, reduce the drying shrinkage of the green body, shorten the drying time, and prevent the green body from deforming. During the firing process of ceramics, the thermal expansion of quartz can partially offset the shrinkage of the green body; at high temperatures, quartz becomes the skeleton of the green body, and together with alumina, mullite can be prevented to soften and deform the green body; quartz can also improve Whiteness and translucency of porcelain. Quartz in the glaze can increase the melting temperature and viscosity of the glaze, reduce the expansion coefficient of the glaze, and also improve the mechanical strength, hardness, wear resistance and chemical resistance of the glaze.

Quartz stone can be divided into ordinary quartz sand according to different quality, and the particle size can be processed according to different needs. It is mainly used in metallurgy, silicon carbide grinding, glass and glass products, sand blasting and other industries. Refined quartz sand is not used in product particle size. , Mainly used in refractories, precision casting and other industries. Quartzite can also be used to process fine silicon powder. Through the understanding of quartzite materials, you can use the corresponding quartz stone mill to make powder processing. Materials with different finenesses can be processed.

Product Features of Quartz Powder Making Machine

1. The performance of the complete set is very strong. From the grinding of the block quartz stone to the packaging of the final quartz stone powder, the equipment can be independently completed, and the completion effect is very good;

2. The high-end dust removal device makes the equipment free of any dust during the work, which improves the construction environment of the quartz stone processing plant and reduces the harm caused by environmental pollution.

3. The safety is very good, with advanced automatic detection and explosion-proof devices, so if problems occur during the operation of the equipment, they can be detected in time without any hidden safety hazards;

4. Professional maintenance tools enable the equipment to be quickly resolved if any failure occurs during work, reducing equipment downtime during maintenance;

5. The energy consumption is very low, and the energy saving of a single machine is more than 50%, which saves 100,000 yuan in operating costs for the processing plant each year;

6.Affordable prices

Working principle of quartz powder making machine

When the quartz stone mill is in operation, the quartz stone to be crushed is added into the machine from the feeding hopper on the side of the casing, and revolves around the vertical axis while relying on the grinding roller device suspended on the host's plum frame. The role of centrifugal force when rotating, the grinding roller swings outwards, tightly pressed against the grinding ring, so that the blade scrapes the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and the purpose of crushing quartz stone is achieved by the rolling and rolling of the grinding roller.

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